Young Revolutionary Minds Podcast - EpiFinder

Young Revolutionary Minds Podcast

Jesse Forte hosts our very own Neel Mehta on his podcast Young Revolutionary Minds. Not only do they discuss the story of EpiFinder, but also what exactly brought Neel to where he is today and his vision for the future.

Tune into this episode to learn about:

  • Neel and Jesse’s experiences at this past 2018 CES
  • Neel’s core values, background and what brought him to the United States
  • How epilepsy affects millions of people in the United States
  • How EpiFinder plans to integrate into the medical system
  • Why and how EpiFinder is working to advance research and patient outcomes
  • The start of EpiFinder and how our co-founders began their journey
  • The idea that Neel wanted to expand his boundaries and put his academic work to use and make an impact on real life
  • Using your 20’s to cultivate your business and your passions
  • Who Neel is thankful for and inspired by in his life
  • What Neel is doing to create his own legacy

Young Revolutionary Minds runs a podcast about up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

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