#YesPHX Podcast, Techstars Startup Week - EpiFinder

#YesPHX Podcast, Techstars Startup Week

Vincent Orleck of #YesPHX hosts Neel Mehta and Brian Fanzo at this year’s 2018 Phoenix Startup Week. They discuss their involvement with their local communities as well as giving back and helping those who’ve inspired them. Listen in and hear these three bright minds chatting about epilepsy, business, and community.

On this episode you will be learning about:

  • The problem in the medical industry that EpiFinder is trying to solve
  • Why EpiFinder chose epilepsy as their focus and possible expansion in the future
  • Epilepsy’s effect on 2.4 million people nationally in the United States
  • EpiFinder’s goals to create an engaging platform for patients and doctors
  • Why healthcare only works if we take it into our own hands as patients
  • Local companies’ impact on the community while growing and giving back
  • How Neel came into an entrepreneur role and turning an academic project into a business model
  • The constant balance between business and social aspects while keeping your team as a priority
  • Prioritizing where you spend your time as a business leader
  • Helping those you helped you and giving back to your own community
  • How putting yourself out there and taking the first step can lead to unexpected possibilities
  • Going to events outside of your “area” and expanding your boundaries

#YesPHX is a community program dedicated to showcasing rising startups.

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