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Social Media Day 2018 Podcast

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, individuals and companies find different avenues to put themselves out there and establish a strong social media presence. At this year’s Social Media Day in Phoenix, AZ, Neel Mehta and Eleni Kapogianis from EpiFinder’s business team spoke about EpiFinder’s presence on social media. They also shared their personal opinions on various social media platforms.

Social Media Day is an annual event celebrating and promoting social media. It hosts discussions about technology and the expanding digital world. It also invites local speakers to share marketing techniques as well as platform and product knowledge to other small businesses and entrepreneurs. Overall, Social Media Day aims to bring the community together from these engaging and educational interactions.

On June 30th, 2018, Neel and Eleni sat down with Adam Leidhecker, the Brand Strategist at Coplex, on Social Media Club Phoenix’s Podcast. There, they shared their impressions of Social Media Day, their ideas on social media, and their recommendations to grow the local social media community.

Social Media

Eleni mentioned how Social Media Day was much bigger than she expected. She noticed many opportunities to interact with others and participate in fun activities.

Neel enjoyed hearing the speakers at the event. He especially appreciated Mike Alonso’s insightful talk about contextual versus content marketing. He felt that Social Media Day is a great way for local businesses to understand community trends and put themselves on the map.

Next, they describe their favorite social media platforms. Eleni described how she enjoyed handling EpiFinder’s Instagram. She shares engaging content through the posts but also get more fun and creative with Instagram stories.

For Neel, LinkedIn is his preferred professional platform. It’s a great way to grow the brand for EpiFinder’s business and increase his own credibility. In general, he is grateful for the active and supportive community on social media. He makes sure to support them as well.

The Future

Five years from now, Neel and Eleni both believe Instagram will take over as the top social media platform. Instagram has largely taken over Facebook feed. It’s pushing extra features such as “stories” and TV, which will allow the platform to push to the top of the digital world.

Neel and Eleni also offered insight into how to expand the local social media community between this year’s Social Media Day and next year’s. Eleni believes that collaboration and partnerships are key. People should connect with and give back to their communities. Additionally, Neel suggested hosting 3 to 4 additional events between each annual Social Media Day to keep people engaged and entertained.

This podcast was produced by Vincent Orleck, the President of Social Media Club Phoenix. Be sure to check out the full podcast at

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Smita Gopalakrishnan, 8/7/18

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