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Outcomes Rocket Podcast: Empowering Doctor-Patient Interactions

Smita Gopalakrishnan, 10/18/18

The healthcare industry is a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. It can make large-scale impacts with its strong entrepreneurs and leaders. EpiFinder VP and COO Neel Mehta recently sat down with Saul Marquez from Outcomes Rocket. He spoke about his experience as a leader in the healthcare industry.

During the podcast, Neel described how he got into the healthcare industry. Neel joined the medical sector as a grad student in Biomedical Informatics. He planned to pursue something related to fundamental and applied science. He also wanted to explore the engineering and innovation aspect of technology.

Now, as a part of EpiFinder, Neel is able to fulfill these interests. He leads the development of a rewarding digital platform solution that empowers doctor-patient interactions.

Patient Care

Neel also chatted about the importance of access to rewarding care for patients. He believes every medical leader should have this on their agenda. Neel aims to do this with EpiFinder’s product. He believes it can provide rewarding care to epilepsy patients at home, emergency departments, and hospitals.

Robert Yao created EpiFinder after he faced hard-to-diagnose health problems as a medical student. He put together an algorithm to figure out his condition. Then Robert presented his idea to epileptologists. They suggested that he build an algorithm for epilepsy because it’s often misdiagnosed.

Neel also discussed EpiFinder’s accomplishments. The team has completed a clinical study at Mayo Clinic. Soon, we’ll run 2 more studies with Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital.


Neel shed light on some of EpiFinder’s setbacks. After completing their Mayo Clinic study, EpiFinder planned to take off. But integrating the tool into healthcare professionals’ workflow is a challenge.

Neel plans to overcome this by promoting interest and love for the tool with healthcare professionals. The team will work on preventing the disruption of workflow.


Neel shared one of his greatest moments in healthcare. Earlier this year, he spoke as a keynote speaker at the Arizona Technology Council’s 2nd Annual MedTech Conference.

There, he shared his vision as a biomedical informaticist and healthcare futurist. He spoke about fighting human inertia, a problem in the healthcare industry today.

Neel focuses on his passion of making a difference. He’s driven to help the 65 million people living with epilepsy worldwide. Above all, he believes in putting patients in the center.

Neel was also able to talk about the exciting projects that EpiFinder is focused on today. He offered advice on how to improve healthcare, avoid mistakes and pitfalls, and stay relevant as an organization.

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