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Clinical screening tool



We collect symptoms and map it to our evidence-based algorithm, which provides the most likely differential diagnoses of epilepsy and decreases the rate of misdiagnosis.

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Study Outcome

Epifinder & Mayo Clinic Research

Usage of EpiFinder clinical decision support in the assessment of epilepsy
of subjects received correct epilepsy diagnoses
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Patient Questionnaire

Our questionnaire lets patients fill out their preliminary information and symptoms ahead of their appointment time on the go or from the comfort of their home.

 Input Detailed Symptoms

After reviewing symptoms at a glance, doctors can focus on the missing details of the epileptic event. This gives you more time to explore the story together and find the root cause.

Graphic showing how symptoms are input on the app

Differential Diagnosis

Through our diagnostic tool, we screen the information with evidence-based data. Our app gives doctors the most likely differential diagnoses of epilepsy seizures and syndromes. It’s here to help you with further exploration and treatment.


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