EpiFinder Begins a Cross-Country Road Trip



EpiFinder Co-Founder Neel Mehta and Creative Officer Kristi Kietzmann have hit the road. The
two are on a 16-state, 21-day journey to the American Epilepsy Society’s conference in
Washington D.C. That’s right—EpiFinder is driving from Arizona’s Sonoran Desert to the
Potomac River, nearly from coast to coast.


At the conference, the largest in the field, we will be speaking about our software and the novel
benefits it brings to doctors and patients. We will be sharing the conference floor with the biggest
names in epilepsy.

For those of you who don’t know, EpiFinder has created software for the better diagnosis of
epilepsy. The story begins two years back, when Neel and Robert Yao founded the company. Neel
has training in biomedical informatics; Robert in medicine. Together the two and the EpiFinder
team have worked to put out an app that changes the way medical diagnoses happen.
This is how EpiFinder works. An epileptologist (epilepsy specialist) sees a patient who may have
epilepsy. During this visit, the epileptologist observes the patient. The doctor keys patient data into
the EpiFinder app. Our app digests this patient data and, using our algorithm, tells the doctor what
kind of epilepsy the patient has.

But that’s not all. We are now in the middle of a Kickstarter for EpiFinder’s Patient Portal. This
feature—the next step in the EpiFinder evolution—will bring a new level of information and
convenience to diagnosis. “Instead of a nurse practitioner or doctor inputting all the information,”
Neel says, “patients will be able to put in info from the comfort of their homes.”

More than 100,000 Americans are diagnosed with epilepsy each year. One in 26 people suffers
from the neurological disorder. There’s a very good chance that if you don’t have epilepsy, you
know someone who does.

At EpiFinder, we aspire to help these people. Further, the technology we have developed could be
used to better diagnose conditions beyond epilepsy. Epilepsy is just the beginning.
For now, we focus on epilepsy. Our mission in attending the D.C. conference is to share
information about our Patient Portal, and about EpiFinder generally. Our road trip turns that
mission into a journey.

Neel and Kristi piled their bags into their ride, a black Nissan Rogue, at nine in the morning.
The first day of the road trip brought clear skies and open spaces. Neel and Kristi drove north
through Arizona, noticing an unusual number of law enforcement active for the holiday weekend.
They soon crossed into New Mexico. From here, the flatlands stretched on and on: dry plains and
brush, power plants and the occasional railway.

A diet of EDM and hip hop kept our road warriors in high spirits. The goal was to land in
Albuquerque by 6:00 p.m., a goal thwarted from early in the day (when Neel’s alarm misfired).

Nevertheless, Neel and Kristi pulled into Albuquerque in time for the best kind of New Mexican
comfort food: enchiladas with spicy green chile.

We’re going to be blogging about Neel and Kristi’s times on the road. We’re going to be blogging
about people they meet, ideas they have, and experiences that inspire them. We’re going to be
blogging about EpiFinder and our mission.

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