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1 in 26 People suffer from Epilepsy.

EpiFinder is a diagnostic application that helps your doctor diagnose your Epilepsy with more confidence.

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We collect your symptoms, and map it to our evidence-based database, and provide a guided differential diagnosis of your Epilepsy to your doctor.

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Here’s What People Say About Us

“Very innovative technology and extremely important to patients that have been misdiagnosed for too long.  Fascinating.”
“Interesting approach to diagnosing a very often misdiagnosed disease. “
ASET Attendees
“An incredible tool! Something that I hope is utilized world wide. Can absolutely benefit the field of epilepsy and create simplicity in identifying specific seizure types.
“Interesting new technology for quicker and better outcomes.”
ASET Attendees
“Revolutionary! Patient centered, brilliant, grounded and entertaining!”
“Very interesting topic with a lot of potential.”
ASET Attendees